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Liquid Courage
Members from left:  Brad "Capt. EfEx" Smith, John "The Voice" Bailey, Shane "The Hammer" Robertson and Tony "Thunder Thumbs" Clayton

Welcome to the website for the band Moose Unit

You found us!  Congratulations.  Moose Unit is a band of seasoned musicians based in the Pacific Northwest.  When I say seasoned that really just means we are old.  We have been together since late 2011 and we primarily play rock or alternative music.  We do this because it's fun for us.  We are not trying to be rock stars or make it big in the music industry but if someone wants to give us millions of dollars to do a record we will do it. 

Most of the events we play at are for charities and events to support friends and family but if you are interested in having us play for you just shoot us an email or call.

Upcoming Events

Nothing scheduled right now

It's a real pain to update the site so check our Facebook page for news and info.

Past shows

Music from band practices

Some of these are only the second time we have ever played the songs so please excuse the mistakes.